Quilling Art for Beginners

Quilling art for Beginners

Quilling is an amazing art and there are many people who get attracted toward the quilling designs due to its mesmerizing beauty. 

I am a quilling artist and here I am sharing some tips for beginners, who would love to learn this art but not sure from where they can start. Many times I have seen posts from quilling art beginners for the same question like, how to start quilling? What tools can we use? How to seal quilling creations? So, I am here to clear all of your doubts.

Start with the basic quilling shapes 

Tips –

* To create a tight circle or tight coil, It does not matter what kind of quilling paper strips you are using.

* To create a loose circle or loose coil, try to use a hard paper strip. For this, Firstly roll the paper tightly and then slowly lose it. If your quilling strip will be of soft/delicate paper then loose coil will not give that propper quilled effect. 

Quilling creations using basic quilling shapes 

Once you are done with your basic quilling shapes, Use the basic shapes to create quilling flowers. Let me show you a beautiful quilling flower that I have created using loose coils. 

You can see, Here I have used loose quilled circles to create these beautiful flowers. It is very easy.  

In the above image, I have used teardrop shapes to create these flowers and also used tight coils in the middle of flowers. So, like this you can use your basic quilling shapes to design quilling flowers. 

Basic Quilling Tools 

  1. Colored quilling strips – You can get quilling strips in different sizes, mostly in 3mm,5mm,7mm and 10mm. These are available in packets and each packet contains 100 strips. My personal choice is 5mm quilling strips.You can also cut your own quilling strips by using a cutter or shredder. I am sharing an image of my quilling strips.
  2. Slotted quilling tool –  This is a very essential tool for quilling art. Whether you want to create a loose coil or hard coil, you would need this tool. Without slotted quilling tool, you cannot create the basic quilling shapes. Basically, It has a thick needle that is placed within a comfortable handle and this needle has a slot or you can say a cut in the middle. You need to place your quilling strip tip into the cut and then start rotating the handle to coil the paper strip around the needle.
  3. Glue – I would suggest using glue that is not too sticky. For quilling art always use glue that dries quickly and clear.
  4. Scissor – To cut the strip in different sizes as required.
  5. Tweezer – It will help to pick up quilling shapes and place them on proper places. I am showing you all an image to clear it.

So, these are the basic tools that you will need to start your quilling work. For now, I have just shared simple basic tools that are essential for beginners. 

Nowadays, you can get all the quilling art related stuff online. Many quilling kits are available in which you can get quilling strips and tools together. It can be a perfect choice if you want to be a quilling artist. 

Here I am sharing some links from where you can get quilling material. I hope you will love this. 





In my next article, I will share some advanced quilling shapes and also the advanced tools for quilling.  Till then, HAPPY QUILLING!